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HTTYD 2 photos have been taken down

I heard that the photos that I just posted from the forum may have been stolen from the DreamWorks campus rather than taken at CinemaCon. I don't know whether this is true or not, but in the meantime, I have taken these images down. Sorry.

If anyone thinks they know the real source of these images, please tell me in the comments.

UPDATE: Please stop sharing the photos on Tumblr and Facebook, and please link people sharing them to this page. Thanks!

UPDATE 2: I have contacted DreamWorks, and they would like the images taken down as well. Although it sounds like they did not come directly from the DreamWorks campus, the images were not released to the public (or intended to be online), so I feel uncomfortable keeping them up on this site.

Please help them out by deleting the images you shared.

UPDATE 3: According to frostyjackk, here is an explanation from the original poster of the images:
"There is a small office in Bentonville Arkansas that is acting as a vendor for Walmart. That’s where I took the pictures. I am NOT a Dreamworks employee, I’m just someone who walked in when the door was finally unlocked."


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