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Fox screens Dragons 2 trailer at CinemaCon!

Storyboard frame from Dragons 2 drawn by DreamWorks story artist Tom Owens

According to several sources, Fox screened a preview of How to Train Your Dragon 2 featuring Toothless and an aged-up version of Hiccup, as has been rumored. No one has seen the actual footage yet, but we do have several descriptions.

IGN describes the extended trailer:
The trailer opens with Hiccup (masked and in armor) riding Toothless over the ocean where what appears to be winged whales swim across the surface. Hiccup then leaps from Toothless and goes into freefall through the clouds, plummeting toward the surface. But then Hiccup's spreads his arms and his armor turns into a medieval version of a squirrel suit (like the ones seen in Transformers 3) and he and Toothless fly alongside each other. HTTYD 2 opens in 2014.
And io9 describes Hiccup, the "leather-tricked out hottie":
Hiccup is clad head-to-toe in protective flying leathers. In fact, you can't even see his face until the end, when he rips off his leather helmet (how they didn't make this guy do a slomo hair shake is beyond us). His leg is still gone (an unfortunate injury from the first movie) but it's been replaced with an inventive prosthetic that we're sure Hiccup created himself. Toothless and his buddy race to the sky and then Hiccup jumps off his back, skydiving as a pair towards the ground. But when the ocean appears below the clouds, Hiccup spreads out his arms and reveals leather wings (like a flying squirrel). Together the two fly across the waves.
Who knows whether the this footage will be released to us normal people any time soon. But if it does, I'll be sure to post it here. And if you have any more information, please post it in the comment or leave a message!


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