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Two more potential HTTYD 2 titles

Last month, DreamWorks trademarked the phrase "How to Train Your Dragon 2: Battle for the Skies." It is registered under the same categories as "Dragons 2: Secrets of the Ice Cave" from a while back, so we may have found another potential sequel title.

We also heard that the sequel title may be in the form "How to Train Your Dragon 2: D.O.T.A." O.T. likely stands for "of the," although the D and A are less certain. What do you think the rest stands for?

Finally, I also found a recent trademark for The Croods referencing an animated TV show!


  1. How to Train Your Dragon 2: Dragons of the Arctic

  2. Possible titles: Day of the Assault - probably not | Defenders of the Archipelago - more likely (but also remember that 'Defense' isn't proper English) | Defenders of the Air - more likely | Dragons of the Attacker/Avenger - probably not (I only put this because of the villain and I don't know his personality). Moving past that, I also noticed that all letters were in CAPS, so maybe they're all formal words, and there is no 'of' and 'the'. Just putting that out there - although, for all I know, the people who wrote it on this website could have just done that and it's my mistake. *shrug* Whatever.