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Dragons T-shirt design contest!

A How to Train Your Dragon T-shirt design contest started today on, with a grand prize of a three-day trip to DreamWorks Animation Studios in Los Angeles, as well as several other prizes!

Here is the submission link! Good luck! (The deadline is July 15th)

Feel free to post your art in the comments if you're looking for feedback or if you just want to show off your work! There are tons of amazing artists in this fandom, and it would be interesting to see what people are working on!


  1. how do you make the shirts

  2. My 11 yr old artist- has been a "How to Train your Dragon"!!! Super fan drawer since the start. Recently, submitted her piece for district school wide contest and Won!! 1st place.. Her desire to to take the world by storm in art--- as well as her dedication to work for DreamWorks one day!!! Is mind blowing.. Her happy place is art!! Congrats!! Little girl! Show your work!! Xxx