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Dragons 2 appears at Annecy!

Earlier today, Dean DeBlois and Bonnie Arnold showed three clips and several exclusive behind-the-scenes images from How to Train Your Dragon 2, according to Variety!

As we have heard (and seen) before, the dragon trainers from the first movie will be aged-up to 19-20 years old from 14-15. The first clip shown at Annecy was the same one from Cinema-Con, which showed Hiccup and his squirrel suit.

The second clip included a "vigilante dragon-rider, with octopus-like tentacles emerging from his head," who seems to be an important character in the sequel.

In the third clip, we see Hiccup use a new sword, the dragon blade, which apparently gives him the power to trick dragons into thinking he is himself a dragon. He uses this to his advantage when the vigilante dragon-rider brings Hiccup to their lair.

Going down the checklist of informations we've discovered about Dragons 2, the only thing missing from Annecy is the "new dragon like no other."

UPDATE 6/12: Here is a descriptions of the clips and some sketches from someone who attended the WIP panel. They talk about Hiccup's new outfit, the fire sword, and mention a new character (the actual spelling of the character is "Erret"). Thanks, inhonoredglory!

If the footage shown at Annecy is released, it will be posted on this page!


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