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School of Dragons: Exclusive Beta of New HTTYD Game

A new 3D dragon game is coming this month! It's called School of Dragons, and it seems to be the most realistic dragon training game released so far, and features the regular cast of characters as well as Spitelout, Phlegma the Fierce — and most interestingly — Heather the Alchemist.

The game will be released at Comic-Con this year, but if you want to try it out now, sign up for the beta. I only just registered, so I can't say how long it will take before you are allowed to make an account.

Check out some screenshots and descriptions of the game below the break.

Huge thanks to ridersofderp!

Unlike the official Dragons video game, this game seems to revolve more around befriending dragons than fighting with them.
School of Dragons focuses on the bond between yourself and your dragon. Each player adopts, raises, trains and bonds with their very own dragon. This is no easy task, and it takes time to achieve. However, it is crucial that each player fully develops their relationship and bond to their dragon.

It also seems to have a focus on scientific learning. I never thought I'd read the phrases "scientific method," "alchemy," and "dragon training" in the same paragraph. But this actually looks like a pretty cool part of the gameplay, especially for extremely obsessed dragon fans:
How do dragons fly? How can they breathe fire? Why can one dragon only shoot out five bursts of fire, while another can shoot out six? These questions can all be answered by scientific study. The physics of flying can be studied through the shape of the dragon’s wings, the air resistance and lift, as well as the biology of the dragon that makes it possible for a dragon’s wings to lift its body.
Here are a few more screenshots from the game:

I'll be updating this page as I find more information about the game. It still looks like many of the pages of the website are not yet complete, but here is the game guide if you're interested in reading more about it.