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Dragon compilation post

There are a couple pieces of dragon news that have appeared this week which have not yet been posted on this site. Here is a compilation post of all the smaller, recent dragon events:

School of Dragons Giveaway

The giveaway is now over and the winners will be announced shortly. Winners should expect an email to the address they logged in to the giveaway with (not your School of Dragons email address). Keep watching this post for more information.

New Dragon Species

Over the past week, DreamWorks has registered several new trademarks related to How to Train Your Dragon, some of which are labeled as "in connection with a dragon name from an animated motion picture." Here are three new dragon species:
DreamWorks also trademarked Snaptrapper and Smothering Smokebreath for the first time. This may mean that these two dragons will continue to have a role in the film. DreamWorks also trademarked an alternate version of the new Dragons 2 logo.

Life-Size Deadly Nadder Project

Leslie Strock is working on a giant project to make a life-size, rideable, Deadly Nadder puppet and has started a Kickstarter project for other dragon fans to support her goal.

If you want to see a realistic, life-size Deadly Nadder (of course you do), you should consider backing the project and receiving dragon or character artwork from her in return.

How to Train Your Dragon T-Shirt Contest Results

The five winners of the WeLoveFine T-Shirt design contest have been decided! Check out high-res images of the winning shirts below. For more information on the winners, visit the contest pageThanks WeLoveFine!


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