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New description of the Dragons 2 trailer

Apparently the trailer has been showing with Frozen (even though this wasn't supposed to happen until the 20th). Here is a description from thefirstprospect, who saw the trailer two days ago:
A bit of info: Went to see Frozen 2 days ago and loved it, noting that at one point in a book, there seemed to be writing very similar to the viking script in httyd. But, y’know, no trailer. Took the family to go see Frozen again today, and the very last trailer was the HTTYD2 trailer in all of its glory. It’s been a few hours now, though, so I don’t remember everything and didn’t want to risk being kicked out and getting some shoddy half-recording when it’ll soon be released. So, under the cut, if you want to know!

It starts off with Toothless and Hiccup playing around on a cliff, pretend-fighting and being adorable, and showing how much they’ve both grown. Hiccup is noticeably larger, and is still very lovable.

Hiccup then narrates a bit about the dragons, and some dragon babies are shown, along with some scared sheep (one of which has a target on its fur for some reason).

So, after a bit of that, we see Hiccup and the Riders/Defenders flying around and talking (Snotlout is now hitting on Ruffnut). Then they come across a wasteland (or at least, Hiccup does) and he’s trying to figure out what happens, and then it cuts to Valka (masked) in a cave with a BUNCH OF DRAGONS, many of which are new types.

She is beautifully and mystically shamanic, and starts talking to Hiccup saying:

"I bet you think you know a lot about dragons. But there is so much you still have to learn." "Who… who are you?"

"It was many years ago… but a mother never forgets." (She takes off the mask here and this is probably what the higher ups put in the trailer the creators aren’t happy about, since it’s obviously supposed to be a BIG DEAL).

And there are a bunch of scenes of armies on a frozen tundra and some non-specific talk about conflict (from what I remember— forgive me, this was from 3 hours ago and I wasn’t writing it down or recording anything, which I now regret).

We see Stoick tell Hiccup that it’s his destiny to take on some responsibility and lead the vikings in whatever is going on, and then Hiccup and Astrid cuddling on the cliff and she says “What you’re looking for,” and she puts her hand on his chest, “is in here.”

Then of course, we get the bit I mentioned in a previous post, cutting to a less dramatic, sillier bit from the cliff scene earlier in the trailer, where Hiccup says: “Vikings and dragons, enemies again! Who shall prevail?!” and then Toothless licks him all over, to which he protests: “Hey, hey, come on buddy, you know that stuff doesn’t wash out!”

And that’s what I remember distinctly. There’s more. A lot more, it was a good 2-minute trailer at least. If felt a bit longer, though. So. I’m the harbinger of trailer news, I suppose. That’s a first!

Hopefully it’ll be released online soon!


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