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New image and description of Valka

Check out this new image of Valka and her dragon, a Hobblegrunt named Gruff! This image appeared here with a description of her character.

Here are some of the important points from the article:
Valka is a "maverick Dragon Rider who lives as a recluse in the Arctic and becomes a mentor" to Hiccup.

"Her years of isolation and dealing with nothing but dragons and being very sympathetic to them has made her very distrusting of humans."

Valka's life is learning about and playing with dragons. According to Dean DeBlois, "That's part of what she can show Hiccup, things he's never known about dragon behavior."

"Hiccup's sense of adventure drives him to explore the world past Berk, and he and Toothless travel to the Arctic and stumble upon Valka, a vigilante who is springing dragons from traps and hiding them in a refuge away from the villainous dragon hunter Drago Bludvist (Djimon Hounsou) and his No. 2, Eret (Kit Harington)."

Apparently Dean DeBlois asked Cate Blanchett to be a part of Dragons 2 during the Oscars ceremony for the first film: "She was just standing there, and I said, 'I've written a part for you in How to Train Your Dragon 2.' ... She's such a glamorous starlet but, at the same time, this very grounded, super-cool Australian who drinks out of the can."

The Hobblegunt is one of the five new dragons that showed up a few months back. Perhaps this means that the other ones will be associated with Valka as well.

Thanks, scauldrons and jonashanway!


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