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Ask David Jones, Dragons VFX Supervisor!

If you're interested in the behind-the-scenes process of creating an animated show, this is your chance! David Jones is responsible for many of the amazing designs and effects in Race to the Edge, in addition to making huge contributions to many live-action films.

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You can read more about David Jones and his work below:

David Jones is the VFX Supervisor behind the stunning look of DreamWorks Animation Television's Dragons: Race to the Edge. His expertise and vision helped bring to life lush landscapes, complex characters and an amazing assortment of new dragons as the dragon riders soar beyond the borders of Berk.

Having worked on over a hundred movies during the last 20 years, David is probably best known for his stunning and innovative work on Black Hawk Down. However, David started his career as a shader writer, which is a very technical position that relies on a great understanding of how color and light reacts to surfaces, which is at the core of the understanding of VFX. It’s with this immense understanding, great attention to detail, combined with a fantastical imagination that propelled David to the level of VFX supervisor.

David’s vast experience both on and off set closely collaborating with directors to achieve unique and stunning visual effects for a wide variety of films, from huge block buster action movies such as Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and, Die Hard to more artistic ventures like, The Phantom of the Opera and Hairspray.

David’s career has seen him work at most of the largest VFX companies in the world. Companies such as Disney, Boss Films, Manix, Sony Pictures Imageworks, Asylum, and Riot both working in house and on the studio side. Due to David’s advanced leadership skills he has been able to supervise large shows (as many 800 plus shots) from conception through to final delivery.

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