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To Berk and Beyond: Interview the Author

DreamWorks has released a new activity book featuring artwork from How to Train Your Dragon 2, notes from the dragon riders, sketches of Hiccup's inventions, postcards, stickers, and games. The hardcover book comes with a ton of collectable items like a full copy of Hiccup's map and copies of the dragon cards Fishlegs uses in the film!

Here is the official description of the book:

"Before Hiccup became chief and Toothless the Alpha of the dragons, Berk’s most famous Dragon-Racing pair kept a notebook filled with thoughts and observations on inventions, mapmaking, and the bond between dragon and rider. Or that was the plan until every Viking on the island decided to add their comments and drawings, too.

"Now new Dragon Riders everywhere can learn to read their dragon’s mind with Ruffnut and Tuffnut, decipher runes with Snotlout, and even chart a journey across the islands with an exact replica of Hiccup’s map. The notebook even includes a collectible set of Gobber’s own Dragon-Racing figures! So take flight with your favorite dragon and start exploring in DreamWorks Dragons: To Berk and Beyond!"

Berk's Grapevine readers also have the special opportunity to ask questions for Richard Hamilton, the author of the book. He has also worked as a writer on Race to the Edge, contributes to a couple dragon apps and games, and is working with Dean DeBlois on the upcoming graphic novel "The Serpent's Heir."

If you have anything you want to ask Richard Hamilton, post your question below in the comments! Or, if you see another question someone else has posted that you would like to hear the answer to, give it an upvote! Question submission ends on Sunday, January 24, so get your questions in soon!

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