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New School of Dragons Books Released This Week

Until yesterday, School of Dragons was just a game (though "just" is an understatement given how massive and well-developed the game world has become since its release). But just recently, School of Dragons has released two new books called Volcano Escape! and Greatest Inventions!

Like School of Dragons the game, the books mix dragons and science by combining the lives of the dragon trainers and their dragons with concepts in science, engineering, and technology. The books are available worldwide on Amazon [Volcano Escape] [Greatest Inventions] as of September 6.

Volcano Escape!, written by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld, covers concepts geology, seismology, lava, plate tectonics, the structure of the Earth, and describes different types of volcanoes and eruptions.

But it's definitely not a typical science book. Throughout Volcano Escape!, Hiccup, Astrid, Stoick, and the other riders provide witty commentary and facts from Berk. (It turns out that Berk has a volcano of its own! But it's okay, Hiccup tells us that he's sure Stoick will know what to do when it erupts.)

Greatest Inventions by Nancy Castaldo, relates life on Berk to transportation, weapons, timekeeping, and astronomy! Some of these inventions exist in the world of the films, such as telescopes, body armor, boats, lighthouses, catapults, and crossbows. But the book also includes more modern inventions, such as odometers, railroads, cars, and planes.

It even has a whole section devoted to computing, though surprisingly the dragon riders had less to say about computers and video games than boats and body armor. I guess even Hiccup is limited in his ability to foresee inventions of the future.

Both books are available right now! A careful Amazon researcher might also notice that a third School of Dragons book about weather, called Storm Approaching! [Amazon] is available for pre-order and scheduled to be released on January 3.

And of course, if you're a School of Dragons player, all books contains digital codes that allow readers to collect a special dragon egg and a Viking armor set within the game!

Huge thanks to the wonderful School of Dragons team who shared advance copies of the books!


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