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Two More Seasons of Race to the Edge!

It started with twenty episodes of Riders of Berk. Then DreamWorks gave us twenty more episodes in Defenders of Berk. We though it would end there, but then we were surprised by four more season in Race to the Edge. And now we're getting two more seasons of Race to the Edge!

In an interview with EverythingGeekCast, Race to the Edge writer Jack C. Thomas tell us about his experience writing for the show, his opinions on the Dragons universe, and how he got invited in animation. It's a great interview that you should definitely listen to.

And, at the seven minute mark, he lets slip that there are another 26 episodes of Race to the Edge in the works! According to the interview, Race to the Edge was one of the few shows Netflix has ordered more episodes of. This means we have 118 episodes in total, possibly more!


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