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Exclusive: Sneak Peek into The Serpent's Heir

The Serpent's Heir, the graphic novel written by Dean DeBlois and Richard Hamilton with art by Doug Wheatley, is set for publication on February 25. Although that's still over 40 days away, Dark Horse was kind enough to give us a sneak peek into the process of the final product!

The graphic novel follows Hiccup and the others as they travel to a new island to investigate the source of its frequent earthquakes. From scheming enemies to crazy cosplayers, with beach parties, epic battles, unexplored villages, shirtless Vikings, and new dragon species, The Serpent's Heir is a wild ride! The story also gives Hiccup his first major challenges (and lessons learned) as a new chief of Berk.

Above is a before-and-after look showing how a single page of the 75-page graphic novel evolves in terms of ink, color, and text. Included in the page is a mysterious new character named Calder.

Also check out our interviews with Dean DeBlois and Richard Hamilton for more about The Serpent's Heir, including some "dragon eggs" — hidden elements of the graphic novels for fans to find related to the events of How to Train Your Dragon 3!

What are you predicting will happen in The Serpent's Heir?


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