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Dragons: The Hidden World at Annecy

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was at the Annecy Film Festival last week, and included a full screening of the first ever complete footage shown from the film. In addition to the complete, post-lighting footage, a crowd of over a thousand Annecy attendees saw animation tests and early art, explored the sets of the film, and saw work-in-progress shots.

Above is an interview with Dean DeBlois about The Hidden World after the Annecy screening!

"We have many fans of this franchise and they are very passionate about the characters and about the story. And so, they are very vocal on social media and the internet. There's such expectation for this final installment — the epic conclusion of the story — that we feel great pressure to deliver. Of course, we want to hear the reaction. Hearing applause and cheers gives us strong reassurance that the story we like will also be the story they like as well."
— Dean DeBlois, on writing stories for fans

"I want to tell a story that has integrity in its three chapters, to complete the story of Hiccup and Toothless — or Harold and Krokmou — to bring it to a conclusion. [...] This story has a beginning, middle, and end in a very definite way — as does the opening line of Cressida Cowell's first book, 'There were dragons when I was a boy.'"
— Dean DeBlois, on the conclusion of the dragons films

"I would say to anyone who dreams to playing in the world of animation, it's a goal that's very attainable. I grew up in a small town in Quebec, so far away from Hollywood and from any animation studios. It's an amazing thing if you draw and love to create and tell stories. There are so many doors that will open to you, new communities that you will find, and employers. It's a world that's always looking for more imagination. If you love to dream and you love to draw and you love to create stories, the world wants to hear them."
— Dean DeBlois, on working in animation

We will update soon with a complete list of clips and other details shared!

Here are some of the photos, videos, and drawings from the events and the cool dragswag attendees received! We don't know exactly what was shown, since taking photos and videos of the footage was not allowed. However, we can get an idea of what was shown through a couple awesome fan drawings:

Did you attend the Annecy screening? What are you most looking forward to?


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