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New Images from Dragonvine!

Below are three new pages from Dragonvine which were released by Nerdist today! Dragonvine is the sequel to The Serpent's Heir, also written by Richard Hamilton and Dean DeBlois. Here's the synopsis from the back cover of Dragonvine:

Trapped by the Silkspanners, a mysterious new species of web-spitting dragons, Hiccup and Toothless must lead their friends in a fight for freedom. But escaping the Silkspanners is just the beginning. When our heroes encounter a group of villagers in peril from the deadly Dragonvine plants, they must put themselves at risk to help their new friends. But are the villagers friends? Or is the Dragonvine part of an evil plan? And how do the Silkspanners fit into everything?

Three new page photos:

What do you think of the Silkspanners? It looks like Valka will be teaming up with the dragon riders again!


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