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Headlines and Dragonvines: Richard Hamilton Interview

Thank you for sharing your questions for Richard Hamilton, who has contributed in a multitude of was to the Dragons universe, including writing graphic novels The Serpent's Heir and Dragonvine along with Dean DeBlois and writing for Race to the Edge.

In this interview on Dragon Academy Dropouts, Richard Hamilton answers the questions you submitted, talks about the process of writing graphic novels at DreamWorks, and discusses:

Hints about the plot of the next graphic novel, The Fire Tides,
The backstory of Bayana, his tribe, and their encounters with Drago,
What it was like working with Dean DeBlois and on Race to the Edge,
Hiding "dragon eggs" for The Hidden World in the graphic novels,
Advice for becoming involved in graphic novel writing and illustration,

...And many more answers to questions you asked!

Thanks, Richard Hamilton! We also discussed a very special opportunity for fans to contribute a little bit to the Dragons universe themselves. Stay tuned for more details!


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