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Name a Dragonvine Dragon!

At the end of Dragonvine, Bayana befriends and teams up with the two newborn Silkspanner dragons that were found earlier by Hiccup, Astrid, and Gobber. But unlike most of the dragon companions in the Dragon universe, these two hatchlings don't yet have a name!

What do you think Bayana should name his two Silkspanners?

Now is your chance to make your mark on the Dragon world by helping Richard Hamilton, author of Dragonvine, to name these two dragons! If you have some dragon name ideas — whether they are cute, interesting, unusual, or hilarious — don't keep your name ideas a secret!

Share your dragons names with us, and we'll pass the names along to Richard Hamilton to make a final Silkspanner naming decision. And if your dragon name is cool enough, maybe you will be able to tell your friends that you named a How to Train Your Dragon dragon!

Submit Your Silkspanner Names Here!

Share your ideas by October 19

Multiple submissions are encouraged, so send all the names! Even the ones you think are boring or silly. (But please keep in mind that we have already submitted Silky McSilkface.)

What dragon names did you submit? Share them in the comments!


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