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Dawn of New Riders: New TV Show or Short?

This week, DreamWorks Animation filed for trademarks in the United States and Canada for a new name that seems very dragon-related: DreamWorks Dragons Dawn of New Riders!

This might be an updated name for the show we discovered several months ago, DreamWorks Dragons: Rescue Riders. Another possibility is that Dawn of New Riders is a companion short film to Rescue Riders, mirroring the short Dawn of the Dragon Racers that launched Race to the Edge.

The new name suggests that DreamWorks is planning to expand the Dragons universe beyond Hiccup and his group of riders. And that means new stories featuring new main characters and new dragons! This makes sense: Dean DeBlois has mentioned several times that the story of Hiccup and Toothless will come to an end after How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

Because there are few references to the name other than the trademark, the intent is still unclear. Nothing has been released publicly about this new name until October — only people related to DreamWorks would have likely known about the Dawn of New Riders name before this week.

However, we know that Dawn of New Riders as a name existed before September 12, the date when NBC Universal registered the domain name On the same day, a Twitter account @DawnofNewRiders with the name “Dragons Dawn of New Riders.” Finally, an Instagram account under the same name also existed on October 18 before this article was published.

One other recent article about new media trademarks, published on October 12, mentions Dawn of New Riders. The writer of this article does not have any additional information than the trademark listing shared in this article. In the article, the author guesses that the Dawn of New Riders might be an upcoming film or short. Their guesses may end up being true — but this is only speculation, not a known fact yet.

Another thing to keep in mind: DreamWorks has trademarked very selectively. For instance, Rescue Riders, Race to the Edge, and The Hidden World have been trademarked. However, the other "Dawn" of the series — Dawn of the Dragon Racers — has never been trademarked.

Recently, we've seen other information show up online about what appears to be a Dragons TV series, possibly Rescue Riders or Dawn of New Riders. This includes two new script pages for what seems to be an episode called "Snoggletog — Pt. 2."

Is Dawn of the Dragon Racers a new TV series? Has Rescue Riders been updated with a new name? Do you think it's a companion short? Or is it something else? Share what you think in the comments!

Finally, the usual disclaimer: DreamWorks has not yet officially announced any of this. Because it's still in-progress and a secret, people working at DreamWorks cannot and will not tell you anything about this if you ask them! Please be kind to DreamWorks people you follow online — do not ask them about this until something official has been released!


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