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Dragons, Dragons, Dragons: Join the Fan Video!

Five years ago, inspired by the "dragons, dragons dragons!" promo videos for Riders of Berk, we dragon fans edited together a video of all of us saying "dragons" to show how much we care about and appreciate the Dragons films, shows, and shorts, and to say thanks to the hundreds of people at DreamWorks who have contributed to the amazing universe of How to Train Your Dragon!

The video was so much more popular than we expected, with dozens of fans joining in to say "dragons" on their own or with friends, in multiple languages, and from locations all around the world! Even DreamWorks shared our dragon video on Twitter and on Facebook!

Five years later, we're inviting YOU to participate in the sequel:
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons: The Hidden World

Want to participate? First, read the submission guidelines. Then, record and submit a 2-3 second video clip of yourself or a group of your friends saying dragons. The crazier your clip, the better! We encourage filming in cool locations, while doing weird things, and weearing dragon-related outfits. Also, feel free to say "dragons" in English or in any other language that you speak!

Submit your "dragons" video clip here

(UPDATED Submission Deadline: February 15 March 4)

If you have any questions or want to share some cool ideas for videos, leave a comment below! What are you thinking about submitting for the dragons video?


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