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The Hidden World: Spoiler Discussion

Have you seen The Hidden World yet? If you're from one of a couple lucky locations around the world — or if you're in the United States and were able to attend the early screening on February 2 — you probably have seen the film already and want to discuss the story and spoilers!

What do you think of the film? What were your favorite parts? Did you prefer Drago or Grimmel as a villain? Do you think the Light Fury is the right dragon for Toothless? What is your opinion on dragon mind control? Did you enjoy the Jónsi music? What do you think about the new dragons introduced in the film? And how would you rank The Hidden World compared to the rest of the Dragon films?

Tell us in the comments below! (No spoilers tags required — we assume everyone reading below this article has already seen the film and wants to see spoilers!)


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