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Happy Snoggletog!

Happy Snoggletog! Today is the three-year anniversary of Gift of the Night Fury and the biggest Viking celebration of the year! It only seems fitting that How to Drain Train Your Dragon 2 would win the Hollywood Animation Award! Here is a video of Gerard Butler accepting the award:

Finally, it's nearly time for Berk's Grapevine's annual Secret Odin gift exchange! If you're new to Secret Odin, it's essentially a dragon-themed Secret Santa where participants with similar interests are paired up and exchange gifts with each other. Keep watching Berk's Grapevine if you're interested in participating this year, as more announcements will be coming soon!

Dragons 2 Screenplay and Extended Score Available!

The How to Train Your Dragon 2 score and screenplay are now available on! The music available on the site is the extended score, with cues that are not available in the normal release. Check them out below:

The content on this site has a limited lifespan, so don't forget to check out the score and screenplay before DreamWorks takes them down!

Your Chance to Interview a Toothless Expert

Dane Stogner is an animator at DreamWorks who is responsible for animating many of the key Toothless shots in How to Train Your Dragon 2 and How to Train Your Dragon. He is one of the few Toothless experts, who understand the dragon's character, movements, personality, and how he interacts with Hiccup better than anyone else.

And now, you have the opportunity to interview him! As usual, all questions will be reader-submitted. If you have a question for Dane Stogner, leave it as a comment on this post! Or, if you think someone else has a good question, upvote their comment.

Your questions could be about Toothless, the process behind shaping the dragon's character, character animation, animating dragons, what it's like to work on Dragons or at DreamWorks in general, or anything else you can think of! Go where no one goes!

Question submission closes on Monday, November 10!

Dean DeBlois on HTTYD 2 and Plans for HTTYD 3

Check out this interview with Dean DeBlois on the making of How to Train Your Dragon 2 and his ideas for How to Train Your Dragon 3! He also talks about how changes in the story and roles of Valka and Dragon in Dragons 2 have changed the future of the franchise.

Work on the screenplay for the third film will continue until the end of the year. And, unfortunately, he again confirms that the third film will tell a story of why dragons no longer exist. But perhaps we can still expect dragon-related spin-offs in the future!

Thanks, DragonBassist!

Dragons Day: Chat and Giveaway!

Get ready for #DragonsDay, which starts on Friday! At exactly 5 pm PT (check the sidebar if you don't know the corresponding time in your time zone), press play on your copy of How to Train Your Dragon 2!  Here's how you can participate in Dragons Day!

(There will be fun tweets and giveaways for followers!)

(For HTTYD fans to chat together as they watch the film!
You can also join #httyd at

(DreamWorks has compiled a suspiciously similar checklist for #DragonsDay)

If you have any other ideas on how to participate in Dragons Day, leave a comment on this post! Have fun, and good luck in the Berk's Grapevine Twitter giveaway!

Dragons day is over! Congratulations to the winners of the giveaway! If you weren't able to go to the DreamWorks campus meet-up, here are some photos thanks to SonicSNES!