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Special Dragon Event at DreamWorks?

There will be a special How to Train Your Dragon 2 event happening at the DreamWorks campus in Glendale, California on October 24. The whole thing is rather mysterious, but if you are a dragon fan living in the Los Angeles area, you might want to check out this sign-up form:

There are no guarantees about whether you will be able to go and transportation is not provided. But if you're interested in seeing what will happen there, you may want to sign up!

Thanks, kris0ten!

WeLoveFine Dragon Contest Winners

Congratulations to Rachel Sharp, Danielle Kasony, Daniela Costas, Saara Rouhe, Jenna Giberson, Kenya Danino, Sim Singh, Sara Giuffredi, Shannon Chastain for winning the How to Train Your Dragon 2 WeLoveFine t-shirt contest!

The winners' designs are amazing, with lots of different characters and art styles represented. Here's more information about the winners if you want to get one of the winning shirts!

Later Release Date for Dragons 3

We've heard rumors about this for a while, but now it's finally official: the release date for How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been pushed back one year, from June 17, 2016 to June 9, 2017.

There is some speculation that Finding Dory's June 17 release may have been the reason. It's possible that this influenced DreamWorks' decision. However, the date change appears to mostly be because Dragons 3 is a bit behind schedule. As of Dragons 2, neither the story nor voice work was complete, as was planned.

Ending a trilogy is hard, so this makes sense. It just means that when the film comes out three years from now, we can expect something pretty amazing.

Thanks Molly and janinka11!

52 Dragon Episodes Expected! (UPDATE)

We heard previously that there would be two new seasons of the TV series coming out on Netflix, starting in Spring 2015. Recently, The Animation Guild's blog learned that there will be new episodes 58, which is quite a lot more than the 40 episodes of the previous two seasons!

UPDATE: There will be 52 episodes with 26 per season, not 58 as the article mentioned.

How to Train Your Dragon 3 is also in early development, but no news about that yet.

Thanks, Hiccupfriend!

Dragon Compilation Post

Hello again! Long time, no dragons! Despite the lack of dragon news, there are still some cool things coming up on this site, as well as the dragon world in general. Here's an update on what we know will happen in the near future.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is coming out on DVD and Blu-ray on November 11, 2014 (Including a 3D Blu-ray version!). Also included is a mysterious short called Dawn of the Dragon Racers. So far, we have heard very little about it, other than a cover released just recently:

If you look closely, you can see that Hiccup's left foot will grow back for this short! This is not the first hint at the foot regrowth plot point in dragon promotional images. Although it looks like Hiccup will have to redesign his saddle, because Toothless' prosthetic tail fin is still there.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

It's been two months since How to Train Your Dragon 2 was released, and it's not doing too badly! Currently, Dragons 2 is only $4 million behind Dragons 1, which made $495 worldwide! (No thanks to U.S. fans, who accounted for only a third of the worldwide gross.)

Dragons 2  Movie Stills

A ton of How to Train Your Dragon 2 screenshots have been put online on Mtime, some of which are directly from the movit, perfect for collecting images while waiting for the DVD!


DreamWorks has trademarked many strange things over the past few years, and this is one of them. It's unclear how (or if) it's related to How to Train Your Dragon. All we know is that it's a mobile application. Thoughts, anyone?