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Interview with Dean DeBlois

Check out this recently uploaded interview with Dean DeBlois where he talks about his experience working on the Dragon films! He talks about his experience working on and writing How to Train Your Dragon 2, his ideas for the story as a whole, and what he thinks about us dragon fans!

Congratulations, How to Train Your Dragon 2!

At the Annie Awards ceremony last night, How to Train Your Dragon 2 won Best Animated Feature as well as five other awards for best directing (Dean DeBlois), best character animation (Fabio Lignini), best music (John Powell and J√≥nsi), best editorial (John K. Carr), and best storyboarding (Truong “Tron” Son Mai)!

DreamWorks also received the Ub Iwerks Award for Technical Achievement for its Apollo software package, which was first used on How to Train Your Dragon 2.

Overall, a fantastic night for Dragon, which won more awards than any other film present at the Annies. Congratulations to all of the winners, and all of the amazing people who contributed to this fantastic film! We fans couldn't ask for a better movie to fall in love with!

DreamWorks Closes PDI, Delays HTTYD 3

On Thursday, DreamWorks announced it was closing its studio in Redwood City, laying off hundreds of its employees and reducing its upcoming films to two per year. As part of DreamWorks' "restructuring," How to Train Your Dragon 3 will yet again be moved a year later to June 29, 2018.

Partly, it seems that this is a result of underperforming films over the past two years. Going to see DreamWorks films is one way you can help. Only one film, Home, is scheduled for 2015, so there's hope that some of these jobs will return once DreamWorks returns to its new plan of two films per year (one original film and one sequel).

However, as DreamWorks is becoming increasingly attached to outsourcing as a way of lowering production costs, it's likely that these are jobs that will never come back. This is sad considering PDI's huge role in the How to Train Your Dragon films as well as in providing the skills and technology for DreamWorks to begin producing CGI animated films, starting with Antz in 1998.

While it's unfortunate that How to Train Your Dragon 3 was delayed yet again, it's even more sad that so many of the amazing people who brought the first two films to life may no longer be working on the third. This is just one more reason to hope that How to Train Your Dragon 2 wins Best Animated Feature Film this year, in addition to the huge number of Annie nominations it has received.

Thanks dragonbassist, God_dragons_love, Julia, and Bubbagump!

Dragon 2 Wins Best Animated Feature!

Congratulations (or, more appropriately, condragulations) to the cast and crew of How to Train Your Dragon 2 for winning Best Animated Feature Film at the Golden Globes last night!

This is a film that absolutely deserved to win, even in a year when it was put up against so many other amazing animated films! Hopefully, if we're lucky, we may see our favorite film go on to win even more awards in the future!

Below is an interview with Dean DeBlois and Bonnie Arnold about the film:

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! 2014 was a great year for dragons, with How to Train Your Dragon 2 being the 11th highest grossing film of the year (being narrowly beaten by The Hobbit) and the highest grossing animated film of the year. And with the new season of the TV series coming out in the spring, it looks like we're going to have a dragonesque 2015 as well!

Unfortunately, because of time constraints, we weren't able to have a Secret Odin gift exchange this year like we have had before, but you should definitely expect a gift exchange to happen in the near future!