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Dragons: The Hidden World at Annecy

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World was at the Annecy Film Festival last week, and included a full screening of the first ever complete footage shown from the film. In addition to the complete, post-lighting footage, a crowd of over a thousand Annecy attendees saw animation tests and early art, explored the sets of the film, and saw work-in-progress shots.

Above is an interview with Dean DeBlois about The Hidden World after the Annecy screening!

"We have many fans of this franchise and they are very passionate about the characters and about the story. And so, they are very vocal on social media and the internet. There's such expectation for this final installment — the epic conclusion of the story — that we feel great pressure to deliver. Of course, we want to hear the reaction. Hearing applause and cheers gives us strong reassurance that the story we like will also be the story they like as well."
— Dean DeBlois, on writing stories for fans

"I want to tell a story that has integrity in its three chapters, to complete the story of Hiccup and Toothless — or Harold and Krokmou — to bring it to a conclusion. [...] This story has a beginning, middle, and end in a very definite way — as does the opening line of Cressida Cowell's first book, 'There were dragons when I was a boy.'"
— Dean DeBlois, on the conclusion of the dragons films

"I would say to anyone who dreams to playing in the world of animation, it's a goal that's very attainable. I grew up in a small town in Quebec, so far away from Hollywood and from any animation studios. It's an amazing thing if you draw and love to create and tell stories. There are so many doors that will open to you, new communities that you will find, and employers. It's a world that's always looking for more imagination. If you love to dream and you love to draw and you love to create stories, the world wants to hear them."
— Dean DeBlois, on working in animation

We will update soon with a complete list of clips and other details shared!

Here are some of the photos, videos, and drawings from the events and the cool dragswag attendees received! We don't know exactly what was shown, since taking photos and videos of the footage was not allowed. However, we can get an idea of what was shown through a couple awesome fan drawings:

Did you attend the Annecy screening? What are you most looking forward to?

New Trailer! Video and High Quality Images

The new How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World trailer is here! It features the normal crew — Hiccup, Toothless, Astrid, and the others — with a couple new characters, including the Light Fury and Grimmel, our new Night Fury-hunting villain. And, of course, some attempts at dragon courting.

See below for a gallery of high quality images and quotes about the film from Dean DeBlois!

Rest of the photoset available here!
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Dean DeBlois on The Hidden World

"It was very deliberate that each installment of Hiccup’s growth features a rite of passage. The first movie was about learning to accept yourself, in spite of your weaknesses. The second movie was about the transition of youthful abandon to adulthood. The third movie focuses on — it’s about finding the courage to let go. That in itself is a universal rite of passage. Whether they are faced with letting go of insecurities, or those who follow their destiny."

"The movie promises future developments for Hiccup and Astrid but to say anymore would be a spoiler. The HiccStrid fans will be happy."

"The best part about working in animation is that it’s ever-evolving. I was trained in classical hand drawn animation, and it continues to be an education with every film. Our technology improves every year. We get to test it and explore and push the boundaries. It’s gotten to the point where if you can dream it, you can make it. That’s pretty exciting."

"The Light Fury is a species name given to her by Hiccup and Astrid. We deliberately didn’t give her a personal name, because we wanted to keep her wild. She isn’t a Night Fury, she’s a variation of the species with her own traits and abilities. Unlike Toothless, she is not the last of her kind."

"The hidden world is a combination of fantasy elements grounded in real world physics. It features fungi and bioluminescence and coral, to give it an otherworldly feel. And yet, the idea was to create a believable world that could exist beneath our own. As with everything in the How To Train Your Dragon universe, we rely on credible earthly physics and elements, without ever going to something magical."

"The intention was to make Grimmel dimensional and interesting. He’s not only cunning, he can be charming and witty. He’s also very accomplished and confident in his ability. For this film, we wanted an intelligent nemesis for Hiccup. And, F. Murray Abraham is incredible in the role."

"I’m always a little disappointed when someone says, ‘I didn’t cry when I watched your film.’"

"I’m happy to report that Randy Thom and Roger Deakins are working away on the film as we speak. It is such an honor to have these powerhouses onboard as part of our team. It’s like a masterclass anytime we get to spend time with them."

"I guess my philosophy is that all storytelling should touch you emotionally — no matter how whimsical or absurd the premise. My priority when working on a story is to find some genuine emotional and often disarming moment that will make the whole thing have a greater value, than it may seem to have at face value. Channeling experiences from your own life is one of the best ways to accomplish that. So as it has often been said, ‘Write from the heart.’"

"Since the beginning we’ve tried to incorporate ‘dialogue’ for Toothless and the other dragons, so that the animators could interpret the intent behind the grunts, gurgles, and roars. It has also been helpful to Randy Thom, our sound designer, in the crafting of those sounds."

"I took inspiration from Cressida Cowell when she visited our production team on the first film. She told me at the time that she was working on the last book of her series. One that would explain what happened to dragons and why they are no more. And though our narratives differ, the ambition to close this chapter and resolve that question remain a driving force in developing the trilogy."

"Valka has now become a part of the Berk community. Training Hiccup, Astrid, and the rest of gang to become capable dragon rescuers. Cate Blanchett has reprised her role, and as always, has done a wonderful job bringing the character to life."

"The greatest challenge of the third film was to explain why dragons have left us in a way that won’t completely bum out the audience. There are films like E.T. that have successfully handled this delicate story challenge and they’ve gone on to become indelible parts of our culture. We hope that this third film will rise to that challenge and leave the audience feeling moved and satisfied."

Quotes and Photos from The Hidden World

"Grimmel is effective because he’s so smart, so dedicated to the hunt, so single-minded. He’s the perfect balance to goodness. We like his clarity, he knows exactly who he is." - F. Murray Abraham, voice of Grimmel the Grisly, a hunter who tracks down and kills Night Furies.

"She is very rare, very elusive and very wild." - Dean DeBlois on the Light Fury

"Toothless is a complete bumbling amateur when it comes to issues of courting. He isn't in touch with his primal instincts for these love matters." - Dean DeBlois on how Hiccup and Toothless are both "emotionally clumsy"

"Our narratives are quite different. But we will explain why dragons have disappeared into legend. And there are still questions: Could dragons come back? Are dragons still around? All of these will be answered in the third film." - Dean DeBlois on differences between the films and the books, and why The Hidden World will be the definitive end of the trilogy.

What do you think about the new images? Will Toothless die, or find true love?

Licensing Expo - New Character Images!

DreamWorks released new images of slightly aged-up characters for How to Train Your Dragon: Hidden World at the 2018 Licensing Expo Mandalay Bay Convention Center. Here are some of the highest quality images available of each of the characters, check them out below!

Hidden World Hidden Footage from HP

It might not be the trailer we've been anxiously waiting for, but at least it's something! In a promotional video released by HP about its collaboration with DreamWorks, a very brief scene featuring Toothless animation shows up. Skip to the 1:07 mark if you want to see the full Toothy scene in all its glory!

According to the awesome Kevan Shorey, this is footage from the third film!

Light Fury, Get Down: Guide to the Hidden World

After unfinished footage was released as CinemaCon last week, rumors have started swirling around about what might happen in the final film of the Dragons series. Here's a guide to How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World. (Spoiler alert: the rest of this article contains facts from the film!)

About the Footage

The CinemaCon footage is still not released online, so it's still unclear exactly what it shows. In most cases, footage shown at CinemaCon appears online a couple days after. However, because what CinemaCon attendees saw from the film contained unfinished footage, it might still be a while until it's released online. Despite this, the footage apparently looks beautiful. (Though if you're from DreamWorks and you're reading this, don't hold back — we love our dragon previs footage!)

Light Fury, Get Down!

Perhaps the biggest reveal in the CinemaCon clip was the Light Fury. This dragon was white-colored Night Fury rumored to be the future mate of Toothless. No pictures have been released yet, but the Light Fury appears to have matte white skin with purple eyes.

A Human Antagonist

We've heard about a new villain named Grimmel the Grisly, played by F. Murray Abraham. According to details released by SlashFilm, he appears to be a kind of hunter who aims to kill all remaining Night Furies. He may be the reason Hiccup and the others are interested in escaping to the hidden world.

Escaping to the Hidden World

In the clip, it appears that the Light Fury is also aware of a "hidden world," and is able to travel to it. However, it's unclear exactly what this world is. (The reviewers at SlashFilm describe it as an alternative dimension, which seems a bit out of scope of the dragon world so far.) The footage shows Hiccup saying that everyone needs to escape to the hidden world — both Vikings and all of the dragons.

Character Details

Hiccup appears in the clips at different ages. For the majority of the film, Hiccup will remain young. However, he appears to be older during parts of the CinemaCon footage and has a beard. Hiccup and Astrid do not have a child (in the clip).

How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World

It's official, DreamWorks has done away with the "3" of How to Train Your Dragon 3 and replaced it with a subtitle: How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World.

This is not the first time we have seen a subtitle attached to a dragon film. For a while, it DreamWorks appeared to be considering two subtitles for How to Train Your Dragon 2. Originally, we saw trademarks and other hints for both "Battle for the Skies" and "Secrets of the Ice Cave."

"Secrets of the Ice Cave," in particular, gave us a hint about the second film's story. While "The Hidden World" seems more mysterious, perhaps it too contains a clue about the third film.

Do you like or dislike the subtitle "The Hidden World"? What do you think it means?