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New Dawn of the Dragon Riders Images

Check out these three new images from Dawn of the Dragon Riders that have shown up online today! It looks like that shot showing the transformation of Hiccup in the behind-the-scenes video was foreshadowing what we would see in this short!

From these photos, it looks like the characters are half-aged-up, somewhere between the first and second films. There is a very good chance that this is what the characters will look like in the third and fourth seasons of DreamWorks Dragons.

Dawn of the Dragon Racers will be released online with How to Train Your Dragon 2 on October 21!

Thanks haddockofberk and oneil5491!

Behind the Scenes Video: Blu-Ray Sneak Peek!

Check out this sneak peek behind the scenes video that will appear on the BluRay! In the video, we see Dean's though process in aging up and redesigning the characters, what the new dragons and characters should look like, and a brief glimpse at what it was like to compose the score.

Thanks Nordic_William!

Special Dragon Event at DreamWorks?

There will be a special How to Train Your Dragon 2 event happening at the DreamWorks campus in Glendale, California on October 24. The whole thing is rather mysterious, but if you are a dragon fan living in the Los Angeles area, you might want to check out this sign-up form:

There are no guarantees about whether you will be able to go and transportation is not provided. But if you're interested in seeing what will happen there, you may want to sign up!

Thanks, kris0ten!

WeLoveFine Dragon Contest Winners

Congratulations to Rachel Sharp, Danielle Kasony, Daniela Costas, Saara Rouhe, Jenna Giberson, Kenya Danino, Sim Singh, Sara Giuffredi, Shannon Chastain for winning the How to Train Your Dragon 2 WeLoveFine t-shirt contest!

The winners' designs are amazing, with lots of different characters and art styles represented. Here's more information about the winners if you want to get one of the winning shirts!

Later Release Date for Dragons 3

We've heard rumors about this for a while, but now it's finally official: the release date for How to Train Your Dragon 3 has been pushed back one year, from June 17, 2016 to June 9, 2017.

There is some speculation that Finding Dory's June 17 release may have been the reason. It's possible that this influenced DreamWorks' decision. However, the date change appears to mostly be because Dragons 3 is a bit behind schedule. As of Dragons 2, neither the story nor voice work was complete, as was planned.

Ending a trilogy is hard, so this makes sense. It just means that when the film comes out three years from now, we can expect something pretty amazing.

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